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Mary Kay Dramatic Eye Look Makeup Tutorial

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City Jewels

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2011 Spring Fashions

Happy New Year! It's 2011....

2011 lingerie line is full of classic - sexy in a subtle way.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Shoe Blog - Women's Shoe Blog & Celebrity Shoes Fashion Blog - Hollywood Gossip Blog & Shoe Shopping Deals

Shoe Blog - Women's Shoe Blog & Celebrity Shoes Fashion Blog - Hollywood Gossip Blog & Shoe Shopping Deals

Which Timepiece Matches Your Personality?

The new Hermes diamond watch is called the Sertie Neige and is adorned with over 1,100 sparklers to make it glitter like a snowflake. The luxury French brand has truly outdone themselves in their search for making emblematic timepieces.

The Sertie Neige women’s watch embodies the belief that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Aside from the thousands of diamonds, the Hermes diamond watch also boasts a black alligator leather strap and precision horological technique. It is priced at $150,000.

Ladies define themselves with how they dress and select their accessories. A high end timepiece creates a statement about a womans style, elegance, sense of natural beauty, and adventure. Finding the right luxury watch manufacturer for women isnt an issue of cost, but it's an issue of choosing the best item that best suits you. Naturally, the cost determines precisely what you may expect from the wrist watch. Nonetheless, at a certain price, the level of quality of these types of timepieces is expected to be high. Additionally, nearly all also have a lifetime warranty.

The actual challenge in obtaining the right luxury timepiece is to recognize which design matches your character and which functions are helpful to you. For many women, the capability of the wrist watch to accentuate her current wardrobe and jewelry is also important. Wrist watches should offer balance and harmony to a womans appearance. It shouldn't overpower or detract from her appearance and beauty. The very best womens watches are stylish, simple, and possess all of the fundamental features associated with a luxury wrist watch.

The most notable four womens luxury watch manufacturers you must consider include:

Chopard even though most Swiss watch designers define their niche by introducing the most masculine and technologically advanced timepieces possible, Chopard has selected another route. It is a well known creator of womens luxury timepieces, concentrating mainly on classic dress timepieces. Their Happy Sport Collection, particularly, has grow to be widely successful among active women. Some designs feature the quartz movement while some other pieces showcase ladies diamond watches that are made of 18k rose gold with diamonds.

Tissot although it is almost always associated with mens sports watches, Tissot has been ramping up their womens line for quite awhile now. This company has chosen Danica Patrick as their spokesperson before. Her racing image opens more opportunities for Tissot among active women. The PRC100 model, for instance, carries a 34.8mm dial and posesses a glass sapphire crystal. It is filled with features without losing its feminine core.

Citizen this company continues to be popular regardless of the competition for a couple of significant reasons: it is more reasonably priced in comparison to some other brands and it is recognized for its eco-friendly operations. Several of its timepieces like the Palidoro Eco-Drive watch doesn't even require a battery. Its energy comes directly from the sun through the solar panels beneath the dial.

Rolex as a manufacturer that's been at the top of the must have list for many years, Rolex demonstrates that they are an innovative organization which has a classic appeal to both men and women. Recently, they have focused on creating ladies timepieces with bigger dials and more traditional design.

But it is also essential to look beyond the brand. The wrist watch you select should be comfortable and versatile enough for a number of functions. The perfect ladies watch should have the ability to very easily transition from the board room to formal events and even to the pool.">

Spring 2011 Handbag Trends

According to StyleSight, key colors for handbags in Spring/Summer 2011 will be aseptic white with metallic accents, saffron and pumpkin, old rose with taupe for high-end, leather in light or dark natural shades, and black remains timeless.

Louis Vuitton and Sonia Rykiel had the standout handbags during fashion week for spring 2011. The long shoulder straps coupled with large, dramatic tassels gave Fashionistas something to call their favorite sales associate about. Can we say waiting list anybody?

One of the first trends to become apparent is the importance of color in spring’s dressing, and chartreuse sits firmly among the most notable of those colors to show itself in the season’s handbags. Designers as varied and powerful as Burberry, Bottega Veneta and Prada saw fit to include chartreuse in some of their first 2011 offerings, so rest assured that this is no flash in the pan. Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, but three times is a trend.

Loewe's Spring 2011 Bags. Can we say Oh Boy! Regardless of whether or not these bags appeal to your personal sense of style, Loewe definitely wins the season’s award for Most Unabashedly Gleeful Handbag Collection.

Sherbet has never been my favorite dessert or color palette, but somehow, Loewe creative director Steven Vevers makes it work on the clean shapes for which Loewe is known. Much has been made of Vevers’ arrival at the brand from Mulberry and has commitment to New Minimalism, but these bags don’t strike me as minimal so much as classic. Flourishes like haircalf leopard print and tiny appliqued flowers hint at the transformation Vevers made at Mulberry, so we’ll see if his newfound support for minimal design actually bears itself out over the next few seasons.