Thursday, February 24, 2011

Discrete Consumerism - MY FAVORITE 2011 TREND

Discrete Consumerism – Whether it’s Starbucks disguising one of its chains as an indie espresso bar or Absolut going labeless, it’s apparent that consumers are shying away from big brand names. As credit-crunched consumers blame mega-brands for rough economic times, smaller or newer businesses have an open door to reap the rewards of an anti-corporation sentiment.

Geriatric Couture

Geriatric Couture – Embroidery, crocheting and vintage fabrics are being resurrected from our grandparent’s generation. Forward-thinking fashionistas are turning geriatric style on its head by modernizing it and embracing this preconceived bland flavor of style as today’s anti-fashion.

Modern Kidvertising

Modern Kidvertising – Marketers are focusing their efforts to where the money is: the parents. Children’s campaigns are appealing to adult interests by using eco-friendly textiles and minimalist d├ęcor. Say farewell to brightly patterned goods and cartoony commercials and welcome in a new era of adultized children’s products