Friday, May 27, 2011

Dooney and Bourke Lover's Summer Fun Beach Totes

Dooney & Bourke: Summer Fun Beach Totes

I need your help in completing 100 Mary Kay product survey's by June 10, 2011.

Is there any reason why you could'nt Help Me Reach My Goal?

Mention "DOONEY" when contacting me for details

Several way's to win Dooney and Bourke from me, your Independent Mary Kay Skin Care Consultant.

Thank you for helping me, I can not stay in business without women like you. Referals are the life line of my business and I lavishly reward for reffering me :)

Must be 18 yrs of age, plus. Not currently being serviced by another Mary Kay Consultant. Reside in the United States.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

SUGARHILLTV: #MaryFran Luxury Purses - Limited

SUGARHILLTV: #MaryFran Luxury Purses - Limited: "CLICK ON PICTURE FOR MORE INFORMATION If you're all about glitz and glamour, then you'll love sporting the Crystal Palace clutch from Mary F..."


Is this not a GREAT use of technology a watch phone. Tell me what you think. I'm diggin the video.

Designer Replica Mall

Designer Replica Mall (CLICK ON LINK TO ENTER SITE)

WOW! "Crystal Icing" is the name of this ultra-clean design. Dubbed "Golden Age," this custom Air has no fewer than 12,000 Swarovski crystals that are "specially coated with 24k gold from underneath so that the transparent crystals can reflect the true gold color," according to Pocket-lint. Classy. Designed by

Exclusivity, as only 20 will be sold. How cute will this be with the Chanel Laptop Bag, I showed you from the Replica Mall. Oh so chic, ya think?