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Mary Kay Male Consultants "Secrets to Success"

CHING CHING WERE GETTIN PAPER! Share with the guy's you know.. I'm looking for a few guys to listen to the marketing plan. Below are a few MK Consultant profiles that I hope you will enjoy. Referrals are ALWAYS rewarded
Posted by Jim Cundiff
on Wed, Jan 13 2010 10:34 AM Male Consultant Secrets to Success
WOW, It's wonderful to see so many men in the business!!! I've been in Mary Kay now for almost 9 year and have spent the last 8 years as a Sales Director. I've been very successful as a male with 8 times on the National Court of Sales, 4 times on the National Court of Recruiting, 3 time Double Star Director, and 1 time Triple Star Director. I've have earned the use of several cars including the Cadillac. I also want to be clear and say that there are no secrets or special ways as to how men works this business!! I've always worked it the way the women in our company do! The only difference may be that when I do warm chatter someone I invite the prospect to my training center and let he know she is welcome to bring a friend for her makeover/facial! I started this business off by working with my family and friends and build from there. I also believe never giving up and working this business the way it was designed has been the KEY to my success!! I've never had much trouble with booking or recruiting because I learned early on to work this business full circle. I hope this helps and gives hope to all men out there that you CAN be just as successful as the ladies just work hard and give it time!!!
I am also a male consultant, and I would like to echo what everyone else has said, especially Carlos: Male consultants can be extremely successful in this business! I would personally suggest that you teach your new male consultants everything you would teach any other new female consultant. There may be certain words and phrases that one changes as a man, but that is okay! Pass on to your male consultants the same LOVE and CARE and HEART that Mary Kay passed on to all of us! That is what will make them successful in everything and anything they do!

Regarding bookings, I was able to begin my bookings with my family and friends and ask for their support. Eventually, we do need to grow from that safe zone, and while it may take some boldness and courage, it is important to talk to new people who we may not know! I just met three new customers today in my science lab! Echoing Carlos' comment on professionalism, I do my best to consistently act and dress professionally. Today, I didn't even have to say I was a Mary Kay consultant because these young ladies could tell from my tie and MK pin! Within five minutes of conversation, they were ASKING for my card! I think that the most important ingredient in any successful consultant is perseverance, because while we all know that there may be disappointments along the road, those struggles will make our businesses and our spirits stronger in the long run!

Posted by Carlos Pineda
I appreciate this post very much... I'm a male consultant and have been in the company for 7yrs. I think it's time for the company to start realizing that there are a lot of men that have become beauty consultants! It's important for us to get the support that all of you women have. I'm a very open minded kind of guy, and I take all the advise that all of you wonderful women have offered to heart. I have been successful in my busisness by being professional and friendly. I know sometimes women have barriers with men when, it comes to having a stranger approaching them, and talking to them about beauty products. What has always worked for me is " Referrals". By getting referrals people are more at ease, and more trustworthy that someone knows you. Good luck to all the men, and I hope we continue similar topics like this one. I know all other male consultants have to step up to the plate, and come forward to dicsuss their own personal experiences.


  1. I am a man looking to join MK but I would like to join under a man. I've made several attempts to join under a woman and they brush me aside like I can't do it.

    1. Jim Cundiff is a successful MK Consultant, you may want to connect with him. Look fot my post about Jim on my blog to contact. Good luck and keep me updated.

  2. Reply to Anonymous... I'm sure you are perfectly capable of being a successful MK Consultant. Ready to give it a try? You can contact me direct at Looking forward to speaking with you.

  3. I am a female MK consultant. I feel men are perfectly capable of being a MK consultant and I am sad to hear some of the woman have pushed aside men interested. I have experienced this myself. I just did not let someone's opinion stop me from recuiting men!

    Mary Kay is like any other business, in that your going to run across all types of people who are sales consultants. There are wonderful ones. Caring ones. Ones that uplift you. There will be ones who think 'It's a woman's business'.

    It's a business period. I love the products, I love the company policies. When it comes to individuals that don't adhere to it, I don't blame the company. I remember. I'm my own boss. I can run my business how I want.

    I try and abide by the motto "God first, Family (Friends and people!) second, career third" THAT is how I run my business. I dont think a man is incapable of doing the same. What a slly thought :P

  4. I find it funny actually because I have wanted to get my brother and my fiance to join Mary Kay. I think they think I am joking but I am serious! I say this because I think men could actually have an advantage to selling Mary Kay products to women.
    It is a business and if they work it correctly they can do very well at it. (Jim is a perfect example)

  5. I met a women this past weekend who told me her son and grandson were consultants, along with a few nieces and the guys were doing better than the women. It's like the men who work in the women's shoe department, they make gooood money. Women love being serviced by men.

  6. Please please please don't take this the wrong way. It is an honest question out of personal ignorance and I know I'm steriotyping but I'm trying to break that barrier! Are the men in MK gay or are many of them straight? I hate asking that question hence "Anonymous" but I really want an honest answer. I do not have ANY bitterness toward the gay community and have been contemplating talking to a relative of mine who is a gay man about having a show for me, however, I do not want it to come accross that I'm only targeting him because of his sexual orientation although it is kinda the truth. I would be more reluctant to ask a straight man to have a class. Most straight men just say "what do you think I'm gay or something" which just makes me irritatied that they are steriotyping like that. Many men gay or straight want to take care of their skin. I can't wait for the day when you can ask a straight man to do something a little bit on the feminine side and he doesn't jump to that steriotype. Maybe some day right!!!

    1. The guys that I've come across are straight, however, I'm sure there are some gay men mixed in there somewhere. More men should come into MK, what women wouldnt want a man oohin and ahhin over them. Kind of like the women's shoe department, how many time's do you see a female sales associate? Many men have skincare classes. I've been told that a BIG seller is the oil free eye makeup remover that many of the fellas that doll up like to use for it's ease in removal. Many fellas use the male skincare line along with the day and night solution and satin hands. I watched a young lady work the auto shops and sold tons of the satin hands products to the guys. If you want to speak with a guy, I've posted information on two male MK representatives on my blog. You can contact them direct if you want a males perspective or we can continue chatting.

  7. I'm looking for a contact with a Male consultant (preferably) or a female who would consider having a male conssultant in the central Illinois area. (Near Springfield / Decatur area) I am a 49 year old man and I am really interested but looking for encouragement from the right mentor.
    Serious responses may contact me via e-mail sbject line "mary kay"
    Thanks for any help

  8. Oh it’s Sunday-lovely, lovely Sunday! I only know 1 guy in a beauty consultant role in mlm. He does ok at it.

    Hope this finds you enjoying some downtime and making memories with loved ones!

    P.S. I’m doing a free webinar for beauty consultants, if you know an Avon, Arbonne or MaryKay lady who could use more sales and bridal clients, would you share this link? Thanks!

    Ciao ciao for now!
    Makeup University

  9. Have you ever seen a husband and wife team do Mary Kay where they BOTH do the skin care classes and recruiting? I know only one of them can be the actual consultant but was wondering if anyone knows of a Mary Kay husband and wife team. Not the ones where the husband only does the office work, but actually participates in the classes. Thank you.

  10. I have seen a MK Consultant and her recruited Consultant husband partner up at a few skincare class demonstrations.
    I've included a link below this caption that I think you may enjoy:
    Men take jobs at female-dominated Mary Kay

  11. I think men who have the right mindset can do very well in Mary Kay.

    I'm actively sharing the opportunity with sharp men I meet.

    If anyone reading this is interested in talking to me, please contact me via my website. - go to become a consultant

    1. Men are definitely encouraged to get on board. More information can be obtained at and don't forget the 45 minute wrap that's a winning combination with your glam pack - see more at

  12. great article. I am the wife of a consultant who JUST joined on the 2nd of september. Would any of you awesome Male consultants be willing to give him some pointers as to how to grow his business? We dont have family here where we live, and our friend circle is small. But he definitely wants this to work, and im 100% behind him, even willing to do facials FOR him if it makes the women more comfortable.

  13. Im a male consultant who just joined MK and was browsing the web for helpful insight on how to work thios business from a male partners perspective. Its only been about a week since i joined and with the help of my wife, i just landed my first recruit. id love to get some first hand ideas and guidance if anyone would be willing to share.

  14. great article. I am the wife of a consultant who JUST joined on the 2nd of september. Would any of you awesome Male consultants be willing to give him some pointers as to how to grow his business? We dont have family here where we live, and our friend circle is small. But he definitely wants this to work, and im 100% behind him, even willing to do facials FOR him if it makes the women more comfortable.

    1. If I may suggest; your husband should send a message to Thiago Avila, he lives in Brazil, but he is the 1st Male National Independent Sales Director.. I'm sure if he can not be a personal mentor, he will direct your husband in the right direction. I've put some information here so you can find him online. Good luck and let me know how it turn's out.

      Thiago Avila
      National Director of Independent Sales

      I graduated in Physical Education and worked in the area as a Personal Trainer and gym teacher. When I started at Mary Kay, 3 years and a half, I had no experience in sales and did not know anything about cosmetics. After a reluctant month, I decided to try.

      I always believed that God had a plan for me and I would not stay inside a gym forever. I was sure that there was something big waiting for me. I remember as if today was the moment I received my starter kit because I had the feeling that a big change was about to happen in my life!

      I immediately loved the product and fell in love by the company and by independent career. I was surprised by the greatness of our business and I saw that Mary Kay was all I had ever dreamed for me: my own business combined with a career that provides growth and recognition.

      My start was equal to that of all other consultants and Beauty Consultants and he had to prove to people that Mary Kay is amazing were only two things: products and my enthusiasm. Through the care sessions with the skin and makeup, I developed my work and my team. In addition to the excellent financial returns, won national and international trips, jewelry and so my dream car color pink!

      Today I am honored to be the first man national director in the world!

  15. Hey guys...
    I'm a man from Brazil and i've started this week
    I'm very excited about Mary Kay
    In my country there are few men selling Mary Kay
    I hope i can to learn a lot of things with tour life histories