Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mary Kay Male Consultants "Secrets to Success"

CHING CHING WERE GETTIN PAPER! Share with the guy's you know.. I'm looking for a few guys to listen to the marketing plan. Below are a few MK Consultant profiles that I hope you will enjoy. Referrals are ALWAYS rewarded
Posted by Jim Cundiff
on Wed, Jan 13 2010 10:34 AM Male Consultant Secrets to Success
WOW, It's wonderful to see so many men in the business!!! I've been in Mary Kay now for almost 9 year and have spent the last 8 years as a Sales Director. I've been very successful as a male with 8 times on the National Court of Sales, 4 times on the National Court of Recruiting, 3 time Double Star Director, and 1 time Triple Star Director. I've have earned the use of several cars including the Cadillac. I also want to be clear and say that there are no secrets or special ways as to how men works this business!! I've always worked it the way the women in our company do! The only difference may be that when I do warm chatter someone I invite the prospect to my training center and let he know she is welcome to bring a friend for her makeover/facial! I started this business off by working with my family and friends and build from there. I also believe never giving up and working this business the way it was designed has been the KEY to my success!! I've never had much trouble with booking or recruiting because I learned early on to work this business full circle. I hope this helps and gives hope to all men out there that you CAN be just as successful as the ladies just work hard and give it time!!!
I am also a male consultant, and I would like to echo what everyone else has said, especially Carlos: Male consultants can be extremely successful in this business! I would personally suggest that you teach your new male consultants everything you would teach any other new female consultant. There may be certain words and phrases that one changes as a man, but that is okay! Pass on to your male consultants the same LOVE and CARE and HEART that Mary Kay passed on to all of us! That is what will make them successful in everything and anything they do!

Regarding bookings, I was able to begin my bookings with my family and friends and ask for their support. Eventually, we do need to grow from that safe zone, and while it may take some boldness and courage, it is important to talk to new people who we may not know! I just met three new customers today in my science lab! Echoing Carlos' comment on professionalism, I do my best to consistently act and dress professionally. Today, I didn't even have to say I was a Mary Kay consultant because these young ladies could tell from my tie and MK pin! Within five minutes of conversation, they were ASKING for my card! I think that the most important ingredient in any successful consultant is perseverance, because while we all know that there may be disappointments along the road, those struggles will make our businesses and our spirits stronger in the long run!

Posted by Carlos Pineda
I appreciate this post very much... I'm a male consultant and have been in the company for 7yrs. I think it's time for the company to start realizing that there are a lot of men that have become beauty consultants! It's important for us to get the support that all of you women have. I'm a very open minded kind of guy, and I take all the advise that all of you wonderful women have offered to heart. I have been successful in my busisness by being professional and friendly. I know sometimes women have barriers with men when, it comes to having a stranger approaching them, and talking to them about beauty products. What has always worked for me is " Referrals". By getting referrals people are more at ease, and more trustworthy that someone knows you. Good luck to all the men, and I hope we continue similar topics like this one. I know all other male consultants have to step up to the plate, and come forward to dicsuss their own personal experiences.