Thursday, February 11, 2016

Men - Do You Need Anti-Aging Cream?

A Man's Guide To Anti-Aging

For centuries, men have obsessed over youthful skin.
In Greek mythology – the gods achieved agelessness by eating ambrosia.
In the modern world – we have our own version of ambrosia… anti-aging creams.
Our skin is the first line of defense against the elements. Women are accustomed to creams that reduce the signs of aging and offer protection against further skin damage.
Should a man also use anti-aging creams?
What do you think?
real man is applauded for being an upstanding citizen, a contributor to society and a caretaker of the family.
Why would men be concerned about the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face? After all, aren’t wrinkles just an indicator of past smiles, as Mark Twain once remarked?
On the one hand – your skin is the largest and most exposed organ in your body.
On the other – your skin is comprised of dead cells. Why spend money on the excess of the outer layer of your anatomy?

Anti Aging before and afterAre Anti Aging Creams Right For You? 5 Factors To Consider

1. Your profession – What you do for a living will affect your decision to take care of your skin.  Some professions will require that you look young and healthy.
The most appropriate example is when you are the “face” of your company or business.  It is important that you take care of your face and how you look when you are an actor or a salesman.
2. Exposure and condition of skin – The use of anti-aging creams is important for men who are always exposed to the sun.  Some of you may have blue-collar jobs and you are always out there working in the sun.  Anti-aging creams will reduce the signs of aging caused by direct exposure to sunlight.
3.  Genetics – Some people age faster.  Your genetic make-up plays an important role in how you age.  The action of a single gene affects how long a person lives. 
Many factors affect longevity but scientists have looked into the effects of an “aging gene” on human life span.  Nevertheless, proper skin care could take a few years off your age.
4. Personal situation – Are you in your forties or fifties?  Do you dress for yourself or to impress others?  You may be recently divorced or still single but you want to go out there and look your best.  Whatever your personal journey is, consider the idea of taking good care of your skin so in different situations, you are confident of yourself.
5. What do you want? – You may be one of those men who simply want to look good.  Proper skin care is very vital if you want to look young even as you age.  An anti-aging cream is your best option to reduce skin stress.
Skin Care that every man should add to his daily routine.....