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HOW do you open this thing??? Are you serious? 

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July 2016 
Open stock TimeWise Repair® Day and Night Cream products in the original packaging will begin to ship this month. Contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant for further information. 

If you are in need of a Consultant, you can contact me direct at

The updated TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Day Cream With SPF 30 and Night Treatment With Retinol jars--specifically; difficulty with unscrewing the lids, as well as dispensing product from the pump, has been addressed to corporate, who was unaware of the problem. You should contact your consultant, or contact corporate. They will replace the product for. Your consultant will have more information. You're a valued customer and Mary Kay firmly stands behind its products and its Satisfaction Guarantee and Golden Rule service that customers deserve.

Getting the most from your TimeWise™ Repair Jar:

 The jars for both TimeWise Day and Night Cream are designed to offer an environmentally conscious and airtight container. This better protects the product, keeping it fresh as you use it.

 The jar lid will unscrew to reveal the pump. However, the pump itself cannot be unscrewed or removed. (Please don’t try.)

 Most jars will begin to dispense Day/Night Cream after being pumped approximately five times. Other jars maybe need approximately 20 pumps.

 If, after 20 pumps, no product is dispensed, please try this simple method:
o Identify the larger circular button and the smaller circular valve on the top of the jar.
o Press the button and hold it down.

o While holding the button down, place a thumb firmly over the valve – ensuring the entire valve is completely covered.

o While keeping your thumb over the valve, release the button.

o Then release the valve.

o Repeat these steps at least one to two more times.

o If, during this process, the button remains depressed, please allow a minute or two for it to return to its regular position.

o Once this process is complete, you should be able to use your jar normally. If, for any reason, problems continue please contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Makeup Artist Dee Dee Kelly Is An Expert On Beauty, Both Inside And Out

Hollywood makeup artist Dee Dee Kelly may make it look easy to dress up the faces of stars like Mo’Nique, Nia Long and Naturi Naughton, but the secret to her success isn’t just her effortless talent. It’s also her dedication and passion for her craft.
Her journey to Hollywood began unconventionally, when Oscar-winner Mo’Nique hosted a contest to search for a plus size model, which Dee Dee entered and won. Later, she got a call from Mo’Nique herself asking if she knew a makeup artist in Chicago. Dee Dee dropped everything and flew herself out to do the job for free, much to the delight of Mo’Nique. She eventually became the comedienne’s full-time artist and the rest is history.
Dee Dee is the first to admit that while the work can be time-consuming and competitive, it’s important to always keep a smile on your face.
“I try to make it a point of mine to talk to everybody, to speak, smile, because you never know when you’re gonna see them again and you never know where your next job is gonna come from.”
That positive attitude is helping her carve out a path all her own. She’s thriving in her passion, which #TeamBeautiful definitely celebrates her for.
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Monday, April 18, 2016

Rihanna Is Joining LVMH to Release a Complete Makeup Line

In addition to her FENTY PUMA collection, Rihanna is now joining forces with LVMH to release a complete makeup line. Kendo, of which is under the LVMH umbrella, will be launching the range, titled Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. The line will be sold at LVMH’s Sephora perfumery chain and other outposts, as it will be launching in Fall 2017.
For now, no other details have been provided regarding the partnership, but insiders are estimating that the deal could have cost LVMH’s upwards of $10 million USD.
Fenty Beauty by Rihanna joins the likes of Kat Von D Beauty and Marc Jacobs Beauty as the third major color cosmetics project that Kendo has undertaken.
Stay tuned for more.

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Oooohhh... WHAT DO I WIN?

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Why We Love Bad Boys from Sequoia Blodgett on Vimeo.

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NEW! Lash Intensity™ Mascara - 20% OFF for my Registered Website User's

NEW! Lash Intensity™ Mascara, $18 (suggested Retail)
Magnify. Maximize. Multiply the look of your lashes. That’s intense!
Get wow-worthy volume plus irresistible length with new Lash Intensity™ Mascara.
  • 200% more volume: It’s like adding the thickness of two lashes for every one.
  • Get 84% longer-looking lashes!*
  • New Double Impact™ Brush helps plump while combing through to lengthen the look of lashes.
  • Mineral-rich, high-impact pigment envelops each lash in a perfect shade of black.
  • All-day wear that resists smudging.
*Based on an independent clinical study measured by an expert grader after applying two coats of mascara.

Expand: Plump up the volume with the look of doubly expanded lashes. Lashes look magnified and the formula coats each lash without fading. So intense, you won’t believe your eyes.

Extend: Go to serious lengths with lashes that look significantly extended, elongated and seem to go on and on. And because the formula is buildable, you can achieve impressive new heights for maximum, eye-catching impact.

Double Impact™ Brush for our most intense mascara yet!
  • Volume: The brush’s short bristles are designed as the “volume zone” to create a formula reservoir. Plus, a single reservoir row is incorporated without bristles to allow additional formula pick up. With every coat, a healthy dose of mascara gets deposited from the reservoir to the root of lashes to help build volume.
  • Length: The longer bristles create a “combing zone” designed to give each lash intense attention. With each stroke of the brush, precisely placed bristles are engineered to stretch and extend the formula, hugging lashes all the way from the root up to and beyond the very tip.
A Little TLC – Triple Lash Conditioning: Lash Intensity™ Mascara is formulated with Pro Vitamin B5 (commonly used in hair products) to help protect, condition and strengthen lashes. It’s also formulated with an emollient fatty-acid compound shown to bind 170 percent of its weight in water to help prevent lash breakage. Plus, the formula contains vitamin E, a well-known protective antioxidant.

As Seen in May 2016 Issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine

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Thursday, April 14, 2016


Do you WERK, SERVE or SLAY?? by Juliana Mayfield
LIPS #1: Chocolate Lip Liner applied along lip line and blended softly with Concealer Brush. Dusty Rose Lipstick and Sun Blossoms Lipgloss all over
LIPS #2: Plum Lip Liner applied along lip line and blended with concealer brush to soften it. Sassy Fuschia True Dimensions Lipstick topped with Shock Tart Lipgloss
LIPS #3: Plum Lip Liner and Mystic Plum True Dimensions Lipstick

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