Thursday, June 30, 2016


Grace Mahary, Chanel Iman, Heidy de la Rosa and Maria Borges know a thing or two about caring for curls.

With all the blowouts, curling, and straightening they go through on a daily basis, models inevitably become pretty reliable experts when it comes to taking care of hair. At an event celebrating hair-care brand Mizani's 25th Anniversary on Monday night, we got to chat with some of the ones best known for embracing their natural curly texturesGrace MaharyChanel Iman, Heidy de la Rosa and Maria Borges, the company's new spokesmodels.
Mizani's brand M.O. is all about offering affordable products for women with textured hair, which Iman says haven't always been easy to find, in her experience. "When I was growing up, it was difficult to find good hair products," she says. As a model of mixed ethnicities, she found that it was difficult to match her hair type to any of the categories she saw referenced in the beauty aisle.
The significance of becoming one of the faces of a hair-care line geared toward women of color doesn't escape Mahary, either. "My hair tells a story every day...and I try to be a positive example for women to embrace whatever they’re born with." said Mahary. "Growing up not having those products, and now to be the face of them? I’m just floored and honored to be here." The models also offered up three of their best curly-hair tips:
Avoid shampoo and hot tools. 
"I try to wash [my hair] as little as possible, like once a week, unless I do a job and they use a lot of heat on it, or a lot of product," says de la Rosa. "But I mainly just put a lot of conditioner on the bottom." She also suggests avoiding heat styling whenever possible, and always using a thermal protectant when you do.
Use a moisturizing oil.
"Last year, I did [the] Victoria's Secret [Fashion Show] and it was the first time with my natural hair," Borges says. "Having natural hair is the most amazing thing that I choose to work with. I use monoi oil, since it keeps it healthy every day."
Go the minimalist route when you can. 
"I used to think I needed 17 different products to keep the moisture in," says Mahary. "But it’s true: Once you find one that works for you, you don’t need as much." De la Rosa agrees: "I try not to fuss with it too much. They do so much to it at work, so I prefer to let it be."